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Ways to Avoid Domestic Violence

Domestic violence committed by one partner is closely related to his experience in the womb, at birth, and childhood. Domestic violence is usually triggered by poor communication, busyness, economic factors, and others. There are several ways to avoid domestic violence as written in the book Tips on Overcoming the Storm of Marriage Life

1. Join the course about understanding yourself
Before getting married, each partner should take a course about understanding themselves or finding one’s identity, so that they are free from the burdens of the past.

2. Don’t fight
In addition, the way to avoid domestic violence is not to fight or answer the actions of an angry couple. After the emotions subside, then speak calmly so that it can reduce the rising emotions.

3. Try to sleep well
Try to get a good night’s sleep so that self-healing occurs that changes the habit of seeing other people toward seeing the positive.

4. Don’t fight in front of children
If you have a problem, don’t fight in front of children. It’s best to do it in the bedroom, or outdoors.

5. Resolve the problem immediately
Learn to solve the problem that day so that you sleep without saving problems, but save understanding of the problem. Thus the problem does not continue to accumulate which can cause the couple to see no more objective and ultimately want to end the marriage with a divorce.
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Qualities To Search For In An Expert Financial Witness

When a lawyer is tasked with hiring an expert financial witness for their case, they will usually look for one that has certain qualities. These qualities are crucial for a successful end to a case for their clients. In all areas of law, expert witnesses can range from low to excellent quality. The key is to fully vet a potential expert witness before hiring them. The right financial expert witness will have all of the necessary knowledge and expertise about things such as criticized loans and other financial matters.


One of the best qualities to look for in an expert witness is confidence. They will be subjected to depositions and cross-examinations during court proceedings. The expert witness will also need to be able to confidently testify in front of the judge, jury and other court attendees. When an expert exudes confidence, their testimony will hold more weight and be taken seriously.


Expert financial witnesses need to have specialized knowledge in their fields in order to be reliable. They need to have a strong basis for their opinions and be able to effectively relay those facts and opinions during their testimony. When you hire an expert witness, be sure to ask for proof of how they formed their opinions and testimonials.


Most expert witnesses will deliver their opinions during three stages. The first part of their opinion will be delivered in their report and contain the method used in formulating their opinion. The second stage is where they will attend the deposition and be asked questions by the judge and opposing counsel. Third, they will have to testify in front of a jury. Consistency is key in all three stages to establish reliability.

The right expert financial witness can make or break a case. It is important to thoroughly vet multiple witnesses before settling on one. Only hire expert witnesses like the one found at with proven experience in the field of law you are requiring. The witnesses need to be able to convince the court that their opinion is a reliable one.… Read More

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Are You Thinking About Becoming a Lawyer?

The law can be one of the most interesting career choices. There are all types of specialties from personal injury to business, tax, and family law. One of the most interesting is criminal law. An attorney that specializes in criminal law represents people that have been accused of different types of crimes.

Requirements to Become a Criminal Attorney

A criminal lawyer has to go to a college and earn a four-year degree prior to being admitted to law school. Good grades are a must for being accepted to law school. Once they pass the entrance exam and are accepted, they must complete three years of law school to get a degree. Before being allowed to practice law, they must take the bar exam in the state where they are planning to practice.

Who Does a Criminal Lawyer Represent?

A criminal lawyer will represent people that have been accused of numerous criminal activity. This can include drug, violent, sex, and fraud crimes. They have a variety of duties from researching the law pertaining to the crime their client has been accused of committing to investigating the charge, talking to witnesses, gathering evidence, and negotiating with the prosecution. These are just a few of their responsibilities.

A criminal lawyer may have their own practice or work for a firm. One example of a firm that provides a st petersburg criminal defense attorney is Jenkins Law P.L. Sometimes a criminal lawyer will work as a public defender or a lawyer that represents people accused of crimes that cannot afford to hire a lawyer. This career choice is one with a good outlook for the future. Crime has risen over the past few decades, and the need for criminal lawyers will increase.

If you decide this is a career that interests you, good communication, writing, research, and investigative skills are necessary. These skills will aid you in arguing cases and presenting a good defense for clients. It is vital that you are able to analyze laws pertaining to the type of case being handled and litigate accordingly.… Read More

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