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3 Major Factors When Facing Divorce

Finding yourself on the separated side of marriage takes a lot of getting used to. On top of the fact that you have lost the person you once loved more than anything, you are now faced with several life changes that may take at least a year to get through.

With an average of over 40 percent of all marriages ending in divorce across the globe, it’s a good wake up call to realize what lies ahead following separation. After years of building your finances, home, and lifestyle around another person, the daunting task of pulling these areas of your lives apart and changing everything can be overwhelming. The important thing to remember is that although it takes time and maybe even counseling, you eventually come through it and though life is different than it used to be, it slowly becomes normal again.


Most couples share bank and savings accounts. Upon separating, it’s important to go into your financial institution together to close out your accounts and create new, independent ones. Keep in mind that banks are now only required to cater to the first person who comes in, removes funds, and closes out the accounts. They no longer require both of you to be present. If you are unable to go in together, be sure to at least get your half of the finances and establish a separate account as soon as possible. Retirements can be addressed in the divorce paperwork, as well as other assets that are tied up.

Home and Personal Property

Unless you are fortunate enough to get along to the point where you can live together as you separate your personal items, it’s important that you list all of your own property so you have a good reference. Additionally, attempt to decide how to divide your items that you purchased together or that were acquired during your marriage. Being fair and reasonable during these discussions is helpful as you divide your estate. Once you are ready to see an attorney, seek out a well-established law firm like Tully Rinckey, with offices nationwide, so you can feel confident that you have the best representation.

Real estate and vehicles can be divided in the divorce paperwork as well as any other big-ticket items. The main idea is to have a plan and try to come to an agreement on things before the legal proceedings begin.

Lifestyle Changes

Of course, during the span of your marriage, you have no doubt developed friendships and favorite eating places, as well as things you like to do together. Some friends drop away or choose sides, this is natural. This is when you find out who your true friends are. Often, some of your spouse’s family members continue to stay close to you. It all depends on whether there are children involved, how the marriage ended, and how close you were to them during your marriage.

Be aware of some practical changes as well. For women, there may be a … Read More

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Divorce: What Steps to Take

No one wants to have to go through a divorce. Unfortunately, it is sometimes a necessity. The steps you take in the process are important to keep track of. One of the first moves that you should make is to find a divorce lawyer in Lake Forest, IL. To help with your divorce, follow these steps.

Find an Attorney

Divorce is one of the most stressful events for a person. Any legal process is a burden but divorce is inherently personal. In addition to being a personal event, the legal process can take some time. There are the dividing of assets to consider, child support, alimony and much more. A lawyer aids in the process. In many cases, clients don’t realize how many interests they have that need protection. An attorney has the experience to help you manage your divorce.

Learn the Myths

In terms of a divorce, there is a lot of misinformation about the legal process. These myths cannot only stress both parties out but they can lead to a couple reconsidering divorce for the wrong reasons. For instance, most people aren’t aware that legal separations are not always required. They may not realize that an equal splitting of assets is possible or that they need a lawyer, period. Your safest solution is to learn everything that you can about the divorce process. One way to aid in the divorce process is to contact an attorney to ask questions.

Gather Information

Divorce discovery is an important step in the process. Both lawyers will request information from one another and likewise, send one another a series of questions for the other party to answer. The attorney will also send a list of facts that the other party has to either admit or deny. Last is a request for production. This is where the attorney will obtain any financial statements.

A divorce can be a long, drawn-out process. Most people who attempt to handle a divorce on their own find it stressful, difficult and more complicated than expected. To have a lawyer means that you’re prepared and that you have someone advocating for you. During a divorce, this can make all of the difference.… Read More

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