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There are all the time difficult issues of interpretation and decision, which is why courts will resolve differing views. But how can we all know the more basic “ought” or “ought to” of human equality? For example, how do we all know that “all men are created equal” (from the Declaration of Independence)? Setting apart for the moment questions concerning the equality of women, or that of slaves, who weren’t counted as males with equal rights on the time of the declaration—can the assertion be empirically proven, or is it merely a matter of a priori data? (A priori means “current within the mind previous to and impartial of experience.”) Or is the assertion about equality a matter of religion or belief, not likely provable either scientifically or rationally?

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The dialogue between natural-regulation theorists and more empirically oriented theories … Read More

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Going To Court As A Witness Or Victim In A Criminal Matter

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The first episode features Jerry Giuliano, Director of the Office of Public Health Legal Affairs for Nassau County Department of Health in New York. In this snapshot, the Network for Public Health Law outlines public health emergency response insurance policies from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students: Lauren Brown-hulme Advocates For Prisoners’ Rights

It additionally lays down the connection between the individuals and the federal government in addition to the rights, freedoms (elementary rights) and duties of the residents. It could be known as the Law of the laws in the sense all legislation-making in the State is completed on the basis of powers granted by the Constitutional Law i.e. the Constitution. The jurists not solely discuss and explain the present law but in addition counsel the future potential guidelines of behaviour.

A authorized system is formal to the extent that the norms it applies are intrinsic to … Read More

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Natural Law Definition

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Intellectual property legal guidelines protect ideas, corresponding to patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other profitable ideas. This is a quick-growing area of regulation as know-how continues to advance, and it’s also statistically among the most lucrative.

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UNLV Boyd School of Law professor Leslie C. Griffin describes the legal landscape after the U.S. Supreme Court’s July 2020 choice in Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrissey-Berru, by which the Court took an expansive view of the ministerial exception. The Texas Supreme Court just lately announced that it’s going to allow service of process in civil instances via social media or email if the same old strategies of serving in-particular person or by way of the mail fail. When you are called to testify, you progress to the front of the courtroom near the choose and the clerk has you swear to inform the reality.

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