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After sustaining injuries as a consequence of negligence of a third party, the first feeling you get is confusion about the way to proceed. You are probably wondering whether you should engage the services of a personal injury lawyer or attempt to bargain a settlement with the party responsible for your injuries directly. Well, securing representation with a personal injury lawyer while pursuing your claim is extremely vital as unrepresented litigants often lack the requisite knowledge and experience in this field of law. This could be detrimental to your claim because you are likely to miss vital steps, or worse still, accept a settlement paling compared to what you are really entitled to. Are you still wondering whether the legal assistant of a personal injury lawyer will add value to your lawsuit? Read on!

Benedict Morelli

Assistance with Investigation

The success of a personal injury claim is highly dependent on how best investigations were conducted. It is, therefore, imperative that you immediately investigate the events that led to the injuries you sustained. Investigations include visiting the scene and taking photographs, obtaining as well as reviewing police reports, interviewing key witnesses, including the other parties engaged in the accident. Doing all this requires specialized attention and an inexperienced is not sufficiently equipped to carry out such elaborate research; you could lose vital evidence by failing to seek the help of a lawyer.

Settlement Negotiation and Litigation

Whether your legal case goes to trial or you manage to secure an out of court settlement, your lawyer will come in handy during the negotiations. This is irrespective of whether you are seeking a settlement, expedition of claims, expense payment or pretrial evidentiary issues. Owing to their vast experience when it comes to negotiating with insurers and working in the courtrooms, a personal injury lawyer’s insights will prove invaluable to your suit.

Record Collection

Obtaining the requisite records in time is often a daunting task, especially because personal injury claims involve the collection of huge volumes of documents, ranging from medical records to salary loss logs. To a skilled attorney, the collection of such records is child’s play; they will promptly gather all the required documents in a whiff, significantly increasing your chances of winning.

Recovery of Full Amount

Personal injury law is complex and detailed enough to infuriate you, making you give up on your entitlements. Without a lawyer by your side, you could fail miserably in exercising your full rights as laid in the law. For instance, insurance companies are notorious for their ruthlessness; they could intimidate you into giving up on the available damages you are legally entitled to.

It’s hard enough that you have been injured due to another person’s negligence; it’s even harder when you personally and single-handedly have to seek compensation for your injuries. Fortunately, you can leave the matter with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney, especially one with an in-depth comprehension of the law coupled with years of experience handling similar situations. Contact Benedict Morelli to get the most out of your claim.