Your job is an integral part of your life for many reasons. It provides your family with a stable income, and without it, you would find yourself in a tight spot. When facing an on-the-job injury, your world may change substantially. Not only can an injury leave you laid up for a while, but it can also drain your bank account. Medical bills can overwhelm even the most financially prepared person. Workers’ compensation may help you get through the upheaval. Become familiar with these three things you should do after getting hurt at work.

1. Report the Accident

The incident that led to you getting hurt may have occurred in plain sight of your boss. As a result, you may believe they have what they need to contact the workers’ compensation carrier. While this may be partially true, you have to formally report the accident to either a supervisor or to human resources. Sit down and give the first report of injury. This document chronicles the moments leading up to and including the accident. It will serve as the basis upon which the carrier will open the claim and investigation, and may come in handy if you find yourself suing employer for injury.

2. See a Doctor

Seeking medical treatment after an injury at work is critical to filing a workers’ compensation claim. Without a medical report setting out a diagnosis and treatment plan, the insurance company will not accept the claim. You probably need help with treatment, and thus, would not file a claim without it. You may want to bring a copy of the doctor’s report to your supervisor for conveyance to the insurance company.

3. File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Your company representative knows how the workers’ compensation claim process works. After you have gotten initial medical treatment and given your account of the events, your company will file a formal workers’ compensation claim with the carrier. An adjuster will be assigned, and benefits administration may start soon after that.

If you need assistance with the workers’ compensation process, an attorney may be able to help.