1. Face it Calmly

A calm reaction is an important thing you should do to deal with disagreements professionally. When resolved in a healthy and communicative way, it will open your minds to one another.

Sometimes, differences of opinion make your emotions run high. If that’s the case, it’s easy to forget how to act. Giving a defensive reaction will only make the situation worse. Stay calm and patient and don’t put anyone down. Dropping one of the parties will only make things worse.

2. Lower the Ego

One of the triggers for unresolved disagreements in the workplace is the high ego of each party. One of the most effective ways of dealing with income disparities in the workplace is to lower your ego.

Try to see the situation from a different point of view. Never feel the most right, try to understand other people. Remember that when you lose it doesn’t mean you lose. It can also restore a calm and conducive work atmosphere.

3. Keep the Intonation of Speech

Harsh words and a high voice will only make the anger even more. On the other hand, if you express your opinion in a lower voice, it can get rid of anger.

The benefit of lowering your voice when speaking is that it can reduce tension. Second, other people will try to listen to you. However, make sure your voice is not too low because it could potentially be misused or taken advantage of by the other person. So, just use a quiet and steady voice.

4. Put yourself in the perspective of others

Try to consider imagining yourself in someone else’s shoes first. The more you understand someone’s position, the more you understand their concerns. So the more likely you are to resolve the dispute due to the difference of opinion. Putting yourself in the other person’s point of view can also help you become an open minded person.

5. Looking for the best solution or middle ground

In the world of work, differences of opinion and views on something are normal. So to solve it we have to be professional. Look for the best solution and consider it from all points of view.

You can involve the people concerned in making decisions. In addition, we must be objective, where the decision is a joint decision and does not favor either party.

6. Respect the final decision taken

Every thing discussed must have a final decision. Well, even though your opinion with your co-workers is different, you have an opinion about this, while they are different again, still respect the decisions taken together.

Because the final decision is the best decision and must have been carefully considered. Then you have to be able to accept it, even though the opinion we express is not an option.