It is difficult to maintain a clear mind after you have been in an accident. Sometimes you are seriously hurt to the point where you need to be transported to a hospital. Other times, you may have sustained minor injuries and can have someone drive you home. In either case, you need to know a few important things about your injuries.

See a doctor as soon as possible

Even if you don’t believe you have been seriously injured, you should see a doctor immediately. Let the doctor examine you to determine if you have any serious problems. It is not uncommon for a person to be in an accident and think they are fine, only to realize later that they might have an injury. Unfortunately, if you discover a problem well after the accident, the insurance company is going to use that against you when you make a claim. If you see a doctor right away and nothing is discovered, at least there is a record that you sought medical attention. A doctor may not find a problem right away because many conditions do not exhibit any symptoms until a later time. By seeing a doctor, you will be helping a car accident attorney in San Antonio get you the best settlement.


Do not sign anything

This may be the single most important thing to understand after a car injury. Claims adjusters and attorneys will want to settle quickly. The more serious your injuries are, the faster they will want to settle. If you are injured severely enough, they will be waving a check in your face the moment you regain consciousness. However, this amount is never going to be the amount that you are entitled to as just compensation for your injuries. If you sign papers after accepting a check, without a doubt, those papers will state plainly that you give up all future claims.

After being in a car accident and suffering injuries, minor or serious, you should see a doctor, and then consult with an attorney as soon as possible.