Being involved in a truck accident is always highly traumatic for every single person unfortunate enough to find themselves in such a situation. Trucks are much larger than regular vehicles and often lead to more serious damages. Also, injuries are more severe, with death being much more common than we would want to believe. As a result, according to all experienced 18 wheeler truck accident attorneys, what you do after the accident will drastically impact your injury claim. This is why you have to remember the following.

Always Call 911

After you are sure that nobody needs immediate help from you, it is important to call 911. This is true even if you do not see any injuries on you or on anyone else. There is always a possibility you are injured without knowing it and your car surely ended up with substantial damages. The reports that will be filed by the police officers arriving on scene can be the difference between a successful and a denied claim.

Analyze The Situation You Find Yourself In

In most US states, you need to move the vehicle off the road. However, this is necessary only when you can do this in a reasonable way. The rules to remember are:

  • You can move the vehicle when it will not cause an injury.
  • You can move if this does not put another person in danger.
  • You can move the vehicle when it is not so damaged that it is impossible to move.

Whenever the vehicle can be moved, just move it to the side so it avoids traffic flow.

Collect Evidence

One of the most important pieces of evidence you can gather at the scene for your injury claim is photo evidence. Simply take photographs of all vehicles involved, and injuries. Also, some pictures that will surely help you include that of:

  • Vehicle damage (closeups)
  • Truck damage (closeups)
  • Truck driver truck, plates, and license
  • All accident scene notable features, like tire marks

If possible, you might also want to get in touch with all possible witnesses. They will aid you to build a much stronger case for your claim.

Get The Medical Care You Need

Make sure to visit the local urgent care center or a hospital in order to be evaluated by a professional. This is true even if you believe you did not suffer a severe injury. A truck will hit your car with extreme force. As a result, you might be injured without even being aware that this is the case.

We should also add that all the medical records you get when you get treated will be used during the personal injury claim. Without proof that you were injured in the crash, you have no claim.

Notify The Insurance Company

You most likely know that you have to notify the insurance company of the driver at fault but you also need to get in touch with yours and do it as soon as you can. This is because your company will help you to file a stronger claim while also offering information about the rights you have.