If someone you care about is in prison, they do not necessarily have to remain there until trial. In most cases, the judge will see fit to allow your loved one to remain free pending trial as long as bail can be posted. While there is no hard and fast rule that determines the amount of money you must give the court as an assurance that they will return for trial, it is usually an amount that fits the crime. If you need some assistance in making sure that bail gets posted in a timely manner, you will want to consult with a person who specializes in bail bonds Allentown pa.

Cash is King

The court will expect cash. You might have heard that people put up their houses, cars, and other assets in exchange for getting out of prison. While this is partially true, they offer that assurance to a bail bondsman. That company will then pay the cash to get your loved one out of prison. If you are having difficulty coming up with the money that is required, you will want to consider using your assets as a guarantee that your loved one will make the appearance at trial. Once they show up, then the bond company gets their money and you get you the full ownership of your assets back again.

Act Quickly

Being in prison is not anyone’s idea of a walk in the park. Being in jail pending trial can be especially difficult to handle, particularly if you know that you are not guilty in the first place. You will miss time away from work, your family will struggle without you, and the emotional stress that you will feel can really take a toll. A bail bonds company can help get you out of prison quickly. Once you offer a surety, the process can often be handled in just a few hours. This will get you back home where you belong.