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Qualities To Search For In An Expert Financial Witness

When a lawyer is tasked with hiring an expert financial witness for their case, they will usually look for one that has certain qualities. These qualities are crucial for a successful end to a case for their clients. In all areas of law, expert witnesses can range from low to excellent quality. The key is to fully vet a potential expert witness before hiring them. The right financial expert witness will have all of the necessary knowledge and expertise about things such as criticized loans and other financial matters.


One of the best qualities to look for in an expert witness is confidence. They will be subjected to depositions and cross-examinations during court proceedings. The expert witness will also need to be able to confidently testify in front of the judge, jury and other court attendees. When an expert exudes confidence, their testimony will hold more weight and be taken seriously.


Expert financial witnesses need to have specialized knowledge in their fields in order to be reliable. They need to have a strong basis for their opinions and be able to effectively relay those facts and opinions during their testimony. When you hire an expert witness, be sure to ask for proof of how they formed their opinions and testimonials.


Most expert witnesses will deliver their opinions during three stages. The first part of their opinion will be delivered in their report and contain the method used in formulating their opinion. The second stage is where they … Read More

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Drug Possession Charges in Kay County: A Closer Look

Drug possession charges may not hold up in court if officers violated search and seizure law and/or there are not enough facts to legally establish all elements of possession.

Simple possession cases account for about 80% of the criminal drug cases in Oklahoma. Many of these prosecutions involve marijuana or prescription painkillers. Unless the defendant had a valid prescription, possession of even one joint or pill could be a serious infraction. The War on Drugs has cooled off somewhat in the 21st century, but sentences remain high for minor drug offenses.

That being said, the climate is changing. There is a movement to legalize marijuana or at least substantially expand medical marijuana laws. In fact, possession of up to 1.5 ounces may be a fine-only misdemeanor. Furthermore, many jurors agree that drug addiction triggers many of these offenses, especially possessing an illegal painkiller. Addiction is not a legal defense to possession, but it may resonate with the jury.

Fortunately, there are a number of legal defenses available. Ponca City criminal defense attorneys can use these defenses to get the charges thrown out of court or at least reduce the sentence.

Search and Seizure Issues

The Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. Generally, these acts are per se unreasonable unless officers had a warrant, or a search warrant exception applied. Since officers generally do not bother to get search warrants in drug possession cases, a narrow search warrant exception must apply. Some common ones include:

  • Consent: Property owners, or
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3 Steps To Take After a Work Injury

Your job is an integral part of your life for many reasons. It provides your family with a stable income, and without it, you would find yourself in a tight spot. When facing an on-the-job injury, your world may change substantially. Not only can an injury leave you laid up for a while, but it can also drain your bank account. Medical bills can overwhelm even the most financially prepared person. Workers’ compensation may help you get through the upheaval. Become familiar with these three things you should do after getting hurt at work.

1. Report the Accident

The incident that led to you getting hurt may have occurred in plain sight of your boss. As a result, you may believe they have what they need to contact the workers’ compensation carrier. While this may be partially true, you have to formally report the accident to either a supervisor or to human resources. Sit down and give the first report of injury. This document chronicles the moments leading up to and including the accident. It will serve as the basis upon which the carrier will open the claim and investigation, and may come in handy if you find yourself suing employer for injury.

2. See a Doctor

Seeking medical treatment after an injury at work is critical to filing a workers’ compensation claim. Without a medical report setting out a diagnosis and treatment plan, the insurance company will not accept the claim. You probably need help with treatment, and … Read More

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