As soon as you are concerned that police or public prosecutor’s office may investigate you, , police or tax investigator is investigating you, so if you are at the risk of a house search, confiscation, interrogative or even arrest, you need a professional help and advice from an experienced criminal defense lawyer, who you trust and who protects your interests.

Don’t be afraid at all. Going to a defense lawyer is not a confession of guilt, but the most sensible way to deal with the state law enforcement: Whoever is targeted by the law enforcement authorities does not see himself confronted with an opposing party, as in civil proceedings, but with the entire state power, which is great resources and the monopoly on violence. Criminal proceedings can therefore quickly lead to a very stressful and especially if pretrial detention is ordered, even existential. Without committed and experienced defense by a lawyer specializing in criminal law, it often happens that fines, fines or even large custodial sentences are imposed on the accused. It’s time to find a criminal defense help by Alvine Weidenaar, LLP because they have experience on all aspects of criminal defense in both state and federal courts.

Who needs a Criminal Defense Lawyer?


Anyone can get involved in crime proceedings. Nobody finds it is pleasant to be suspected by the police or the public prosecutor as a suspected criminal. The nerves are quickly bare and panic spreads. Fortunately, most people rarely do that. However, this also means that these people have no experience with an investigation, don’t know even their rights and therefore they do not use them, and therefore act unwise or even wrong. Law-abiding, well-behaved citizens often believe that no injustice can happen to them in a trial because they have done nothing illegal. Unfortunately, this belief can turn out to be wrong.


The problem with this is that as a citizen, even if you have not actually committed a crime, you can very well be accused of a preliminary investigation, be it due to a mix-up, a false accusation or simply because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If a subpoena flutters into the house, the need is often great.

It is never too late to find a really good criminal lawyer who will defend you fearlessly and effectively. It is best to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer accompany you early, before or during the first interview with the police or public prosecutor. Your defense attorney can help you from the start, regardless of whether you are guilty or innocent, to avoid mistakes that are difficult or impossible to correct later.


Criminal defense has a long tradition in our firm. Lawyer, Zachary T. Flood has built up and expanded his reputation as an excellent criminal lawyer from the very beginning of his legal work. He is just as respected in the scene and in prisons as with judges, prosecutors and other lawyers.


Our office at Alvine Weidenaar, LLP, Sioux Falls deals with all kinds of criminal matters: Whether you are a Sexual assault, Driving Under the Influence, Intentional damage to property negligent or intentional killing, or even murder, drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal organization, human trafficking, promoting prostitution, rape or another sexual offense, committing ordinary property or major economic offenses, road traffic offenses or any other offense: we see it not only as our profession, but as our calling to assist you as a competent criminal defense lawyer in the fight for your right to properly defend you. Our many years of experience, our professional training and continuous training as a defense lawyer, but also our common sense and our knowledge of the psyche of people guarantee the necessary know-how,


You don’t want just any lawyer, but a really qualified criminal lawyer who is fully committed to whatever you say you have done or that you have not done against all the allegations, who will defend you optimally: then you have come to the right place.


Why do you need a criminal lawyer?


Some people still believe that it makes sense to go to the police to question the suspect without the help of a defense lawyer.


In many cases, however, this does not lead to the desired result and only then is a criminal defense lawyer asked for help in the greatest need, often only after an indictment has been filed or even when a main hearing is a due. Unfortunately, the mistakes made by the client in advance can only be “ironed out” with difficulty by the defender, or sometimes not at all.


This behavior of many people in a preliminary investigation is very surprising to me, because the same people would have of course go to a doctor if they had an illness and would never have the idea in life to plaster themselves a broken leg or to perform an appendectomy by hand.


Do It Better!


As soon as you are aware that you are a under investigation, you should immediately seek the advice of an experienced criminal lawyer.


In contrast to you, only this person can apply for access to the file. Nobody can expect you to comment on the allegations without knowing exactly what you are accused of. As the accused, you have the right to remain silent. You do not have to appear for a police questioning. Even if the police show up at your place, you don’t need to speak up. You have to follow a subpoena or judicial summons, but you don’t have to say anything there.


Let us advise you!


In addition to mere transmission of the contents of the file, only someone who is familiar with criminal law can give you a serious assessment of the investigation and your chances and risks.


As is so often the case in life, the first steps in an investigation are usually the most important.


In many criminal proceedings, active criminal defense in the investigative proceedings can bring the proceedings to an end, so there is no charge or even a public trial.


Sometimes it may be appropriate not to comment on the allegations – which are your right. Don’t let yourself get upset.


Only a specialist can judge what the right strategy is for you, because you yourself usually lack the necessary knowledge in criminal and criminal procedural law and the information at the hairdresser or at the counter is not necessarily suitable.

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