The purpose and objective of this site is to provide the broadest possible information about the divorce process in court, both in the Religious Court and in the District Court.

It cannot be denied the fact that many people are blind to family law, especially if there are people who have experienced family problems such as “divorce”. An estimated of the biggest family law problems are about divorce law. And in fact at the Religious Courts every day receive a pile of divorce suits. Extraordinary! Even though our Eastern culture is supposed to make the meaning of a marriage sacred, the facts say differently. Every year the divorce case graph continues to increase and of course there are more victims as a result of the divorce itself. Who are the victims of divorce? No are not their own children.
However, divorce comes in the midst of life uninvited and unwanted, as well as life and death, fate and human sustenance. no one knows, humans can only try but God determines. It is the same with ‘divorce’ itself.

Divorce is a process in which the couple has previously (definitely) tried to maintain it but perhaps the best way is a “divorce”. Therefore, this site also provides “free consultations” to discuss household problems in order to reconcile, to prevent divorce, even if possible we are willing to become mediators so that the solution to his family problems is resolved, but the decision remains in the hands of people itself because he knows what is best for his life. Please understand that sometimes divorce must occur to avoid domestic violence (domestic violence), to protect children who are still under five, for the future of their children, or even to have children. If the divorce must occur for these reasons, is not that a “wise” decision.

Therefore, it turns out that in the divorce process in court, a lot of people get lost, are blind in the law and what’s worst is that they don’t know the rights and obligations that a divorce entails. This site aims to provide information about all kinds of ins and outs of the law / divorce proceedings in court.

This site is not to help or make it easier for people to get divorced, but this site purely provides information & consultation about the ins and outs of the divorce process in court. This site exists not to “interfere” with the causes of divorce but this site is useful during court proceedings.
In principle, this site provides as complete information as possible, such as:

Ignorance of information or details about the divorce process in court, about how to register a case and even not knowing which religious court should register a divorce suit;

• Ignorance of which room / section the person must register or simply seek information about divorce if he or she is already in a religious court;
• Ignorance of how to behave and dress in attending divorce hearings;
• Ignorance of what a “pansek / clerk-secretary”, “member judge”, “presiding judge”, “witnesses” and the use of an “advocate”;
• Do not know how to make a divorce suit, duplicate / duplicate, prove and conclude;
• Ignorance of the trial schedule or court sessions to go through;
• and what is worst is that many people do not know about the legal consequences of their divorce, such as the right to get property, child care rights and the right to earn a living by Idah and Mut’ah.
It should be noted that the divorce process in Indonesia can only be carried out at the Religious Courts (specifically for Muslims) or at the General Courts (especially for non-Muslims). Religious Courts for Muslims and District Courts for non-Muslims.
The author recommends:
• Open the column “divorce proceedings” = to get an overview of the divorce proceedings in court.
• Open the column “sample case” = to get information on the practice / reality of the divorce process in court.
• Open the “terms” column = for terms that are often heard in divorce and court proceedings.
• Open the “questions – answers” ​​column = for general information about the divorce proceedings.
• Open the column “court address” = to find out which court has the authority to process your divorce case.
• Go to the column “contact” = for consultation and get recommendations for divorce lawyers.