Finding a trademark attorney is an essential component in securing a company’s brand. With many products and services coming out in the market today, it is so easy to infringe and copy, making the hard work that has been put in go to waste. A licensed trademark attorney can help protect a company’s trademark to ensure that no one but the company benefits from its own trademark.

Searching for a Dallas trademark attorney is easy because there are many with a quick search in Google. However, finding the right one for the company is the harder factor. Securing a competent Dallas trademark attorney is a vital component to running a business because choosing one with the right chemistry with the company can help in making things run smoothly. Here’s how to ensure that the right choice has been made:


Check for Experience

Juris doctor degrees are important but so are years of experience. Trademark lawyers who have been working in this field for many years will be an asset to any company. Experienced ones will be more familiar with the trademark processes, so they can make the application run more swiftly and smoothly.

Experienced trademark attorneys will be more adept in handling the possible pitfalls in the registration procedures. In fact, they can steer any business in the right direction pointing out any errors that may have been missed. Don’t forget to pick a specific trademark lawyer who is familiar with the industry the company belongs, too, because he or she will have more skills in understanding the nature of the business.


Check for License and Education

There are some non-legal professionals that dabble in this field; avoid them at all possible cost. They may appear more cost-effective, but in the long run, they will end up costing more because they are not aware of the ins and outs of the law. On the other hand, a licensed trademark attorney, who has done extensive studies in this field, will be more capable of offering help. On top of that, check if this person has gone to a good accredited law school program.

Since trademark laws contain a lot of technical jargon, this specialized lawyer is more capable of giving legal advice. A certified lawyer can easily spot the possible risks and issues that can crop up with a client’s chosen trademark, helping ensure that it doesn’t get turned down upon registration.


Look for a Hands-on Lawyer

It is important to find an attorney who will give the application of the company the proper attention it deserves. Some lawyers are notorious for passing on their cases to paralegals the moment they sign-on someone’s business. At time’s asking for referrals come in handy to avoid these types of situations.

Clarify with the attorney if he or she will personally attend to the trademark process. If he or she hands it onto an assistant, it is important to verify if he or she is on top of the entire process for the preparation of documents, filing, and review.


Communication is Key

It takes a lot of time to register a trademark so be sure to pick a firm that will constantly update and communicate the results of the process. The lawyer must be willing to keep any client updated on the status of the application and must provide copies of any documentation that has been sent out.

Be mindful of a lawyer’s demeanor during the initial stages of consultation because this says a lot about his or her communication style. Finding a lawyer that is easy to reach and ask for advice helps in giving peace and clarity of mind.


Find Out Extended Support Services

Ask the trademark lawyer what his or her extended support services are from arranging an international trademark registration to helping register a logo. As a client, it is important to ask about these small but significant details to assess the lawyer’s full capability.

It is essential to find a good trademark lawyer who can help find any company a solid, strong trademark to register. This lawyer has the capacity to ensure that this trademark doesn’t look like anyone else’s, so it can pass the registration process. Aside from doing the standard filing for applications, a trademark attorney can also offer invaluable advice on intellectual property to help any business.