Business in the field of freight forwarder has a good prospect. This is because the lifestyle in today’s society who prefer online shopping, where goods of the transaction will be sent directly to the destination address. And as a business, it will require a business license. Therefore, this time we will discuss how to take care of business licensing the goods delivery services. Basically, the procedure for obtaining a business license courier services have been regulated in the legislation underlying the business field. In terms of application, technically permits a freight or courier service consists of the administrative requirements and licensing mechanism. And here is a description in more detail about these two issues.

Handling Services Transportation (Freight Forwarding) is a business that is intended to represent the interests of the owner of the goods to take care of all the activities necessary for the attainment of the delivery and receipt of goods by land, rail, sea and air, which includes the activities of shipping, receiving, unloading, storage, sorting , packing, marking, measuring, weighing, handling the settlement documents, the issuance of transport documents, transporter room reservations, distribution management, transportation cost calculation, insurance claim for the delivery of goods and settlement of claims and other necessary cost and the provision of information and communication systems as well as logistics services

The basic requirements to open a business expedition or delivery:

  1. Business license. This was probably the often problematic in every opening. Sometimes Permit higher capital than venture capital.
  2. Fleet / Vehicle expedition
  • Army (Motor, Box car, truck, trailer)
  • Marine (ship)
  • Air (Aircraft cargo)
  1. A strategic office location. No guarantee, but it was at least the market to support the market, sometimes even great expedition has offices in remote areas to avoid tax.

If all is fulfilled live you start the first step. Keep in mind, that when you started business delivery services, send something is not the only one that matters. You also have an obligation to maintain the security of goods you send. Sometimes there is the sender of a fear or trauma because have experience in delivery whether it’s damaged goods, returns the reason is not clear, lost jobs. Love enough trust if expeditionary you truly use safe and until the goal. Which need to be considered and taken into account. Undoubtedly, good services bring loyal costumers.

Determination of low rates with guaranteed levels of safety and security of goods/ packaged/ cargo safe is the top choice of shipment (sender) promotion. Estimates of the goods until the goal for how many days. After counted all expenses to open this services company, it all can afford even with all the cost or capital cost because too large. It could all be passed, now many Franchise Expeditionary Cargo. There is no limit on the number of shipping business, and during you enjoyed it, and can complete the task delivery, you can still make a profit, forwarding business is definitely suited for you all.