Finding out there is a warrant out for your arrest is a scary thing, especially if it happens when the police show up at your door or you get pulled over on the road. When the officer arrests you, you’ll go to jail. While there is a chance that the police will release you that same night, you might wait a day or more to go before a judge and get a bail hearing. If you cannot cover the cost of your bail in full, you must work with a bail bondsman for a few reasons.

Save Money

The biggest reason to work with a bail bondsman is that it can save you money. You may receive a bond of just a few thousand dollars, but some crimes can result in a bond of $100,000 or more. This serves as a guarantee that you will make all future court appearances. A bail bondsman will only require that you put up of the total amount due and will put up the rest of the balance.

Use Collateral

You may not have a few extra hundred dollars laying around the house or thousands of dollars. That is why bail bondsman will accept different forms of collateral such as the title to your car or home. This serves as a contract between the two of you that states you will make every court appearance required. If you miss a single appearance, the bonds agency can take your property.

Be Responsible

A good reason to work with a bail bonds Marion County OH agency is that the office will hold you responsible. Anyone can make a few mistakes, but not everyone owns up to their mistakes. When you work with a bail agent, you agree to appear in court whenever required or to hand over the property you put up for collateral. The office can send bail enforcement agents to track you down too. If you cannot afford the total cost of your bail and want to use collateral and be responsible, you should work with a bail bondsman.