The immigration laws in the U.S. today are constantly changing. The ones that were in use just a few years ago are no longer relevant. They have been replaced with new laws that make it more difficult for people who overstay their visas to stay in the country.

When you want to avoid being deported, your best option could involve hiring a lawyer to help you renew your paperwork. A lawyer who specializes in immigration law, visa applications, and eb1c requirements could work the system to your advantage and come up with a legal way for you to stay in the country longer.

Renewing Your Visa

When you first came in the country, you might have gotten a green card or temporary residence visa. This visa allowed you to work or study in the U.S. for a determined amount of time. As the years went by, however, you might have forgotten to renew the visa or simply did not know how to navigate the legal process.

You may appreciate the fact that overstaying your visa puts you at risk of being deported even if you have a job or are in the middle of studies. The immigration authorities require you to renew your green card before it expires to you can be considered a legal if not temporary resident.

Given the fact that the laws have changed since first came into the country, it makes sense that you might be confused about how to go about renewing the visa. By hiring a lawyer who specializes in this area of law, however, you can get the visa application submitted and processed in good time. Your attorney will make sure your application does not get lost or overlooked.

If you want to become a permanent resident or U.S. citizen, you also will need to navigate a lengthy and somewhat complex legal system. Your immigration attorney can assist you in putting in the necessary paperwork. You also can get advice about undergoing a background check and taking the necessary tests in order to become a citizen.