lawsuitIf you’re in a serious dispute with someone, you might think about filing a lawsuit to get it resolved. Withholding that info is against the law as a result of government businesses like the FDA are funded by taxpayer dollars, which signifies that any information they create, with solely restricted exceptions, can and needs to be accessible to the general public and to residents seeking to hold the government accountable in court docket.

Although a number of specific provisions within the Clean Water Rule are deeply flawed and threaten to hurt waters (and we have challenged these dangerous provisions), the Clear Water Rule additionally reaffirmed longstanding federal protections for many of our nation’s waters.

In actuality nevertheless, courts typically have some power to sever claims and parties into separate actions if it is more efficient to take action. A courtroom can do this if there is not a adequate overlap of factual points between the assorted associates, separating the problems into different lawsuits.

Conservationists filed suit in U.S. District Court in Montana towards the Bureau of Land Administration and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to demand that the administration uphold the deal made to save the greater sage-grouse and its habitat in 10 Western states.

The lawsuit comes amid a deeply problematic culture of secrecy that has taken root within the Division of the Interior, keeping the American public in the dark about major selections, necessary information, and meetings with industry that have an effect on the lands and sources the … Read More