Applying for Social Security can seem like it’s overwhelming. If a person’s health is failing while they’re waiting for their Social Security disability to be approved, the sense of desperation becomes even more intense. The law does not require a person to hire a Social Security attorney to help them with Social Security disability cases. However, having an attorney work with you as you go through the application process will provide a number of benefits.

A Social Security attorney San Antonio professional has the experience that comes from years of dealing with the Social Security Administration. They understand how to navigate issues that may arise and hinder the application process.

The primary role of a Social Security attorney is to serve as a liaison between you, the individual going through the application process, and the Social Security Administration. One of the reasons why applying for Social Security is so complicated is because the legal language used in the application process is not easily understood by the common person. What’s great about having an attorney work with you is that they speak this language. So they are able to understand what is being requested and they are able to communicate your concerns to the Social Security Administration in a language that they understand.

Serving as a middleman is only part of what your Social Security attorney will do for you. They have the responsibility of reviewing everything associated with your case from the beginning to the end. After reviewing the case, your attorney will work with you in determining the next steps. Their goal is to present your story and present your case in a way so that it will be won.

Surprisingly, one of the primary reasons why Social Security disability benefits are denied is because the individual filing the application did not file it correctly. A lawyer is going to be able to make sure that you’ve done your due diligence during the application process. Just getting over the hurdle of turning in an accurate application gives you a step up when it comes to filing for Social Security benefits.