Doctors bills, time away from work and physical pain can all occur due to an injury. These stressors, complete with the uncertainty of what happens next can compound the pain making everything worse than it has to be.

If another person did something that caused you harm, there might be cause to file a lawsuit for a personal injury claim. A personal injury lawyer Kissimmee FL is a helpful resource in finding out if you have a case. However, before making that appointment, you may want to get clued into the primary cause for standing in a personal injury action.


Every type of court case filed needs to have a viable and legal basis before it can proceed through the system. This basis is called grounds, and the person filing a petition or complaint must have a valid argument set out in the filing document. For a personal injury claim, the plaintiff or person who was hurt must name the party, the defendant, responsible for causing the injury. Not only that, but the plaintiff must set the foundation for an argument claiming the defendant was negligent. Negligence must be proven to have a chance at prevailing in a personal injury lawsuit.

Proving Negligence

Saying a defendant is negligent and showing it may wind up being two different things. Negligence means the defendant caused harm to another because they acted in a way that goes against a standard rule or a basic fundamental principle. If a defendant doesn’t take action in a situation where it is warranted, it can also be negligent. Depending on the circumstances in the plaintiff’s case, proving negligent behavior may be easier said than done. Expert witnesses and investigators may be retained by the plaintiff to help dig up evidence to support the theory.

Too many people get hurt by the carelessness of others. Holding them responsible may be the only way to bring closure to a tough situation.