It can be scary when you get arrested. There are a lot of bond options to help get you out of custody. A bail bond agent can help find the right one for you. If you need to secure bail, there are plenty of options for you.

Citation Release

If you received a citation release, it means you were not taken into custody. The officer writes a citation with a court date. You must appear in court. Citations are usually given for traffic violations. You do not need to post a bond for your release.

Recognizance Release

A recognizance release is similar to a citation release. You are arrested in this case. You don’t have to post bail for release. However, you do have to promise to appear at your next court date. This is usually an option for minor crimes or first-time offenses.

Cash Bail

A cash bond is the most common type of bail. You can pay for the bond with cash or a check. Some departments even accept credit cards for the bond. As long as you have access to your money, you can post this type of bond.

Surety Bond

Most people enlist the help of a bail bond company. In almost all cases, they use a surety bond. This bond can help those who do not have the full amount of bail. You sign an agreement with the bond company to pay 10 percent. The bond agent will cover the remaining cost of the bond. You must make an appearance in court or face an arrest warrant.

Property Bond

A property bond is similar to a cash bond. They are also used to release you from police custody. Property bonds are handled by the courts. You must have a special hearing to assess the value of the property. It can be a very long process to be released from custody with this bond.

If you need help with bail bonds Adams County Colorado, there are companies ready to assist you. An experienced bond agent can find the right bond for your release.