Divorce is often expensive and since when married couples separate, they have to maintain two households with the same amount of money, makes sense to try to save by using an online packet or even filling out the courthouse paperwork on your own. Here are three reasons why that’s a mistake.



Errors are Costly

A divorce decree is the final settlement agreement. Everything in this document has been approved by the court and can be enforced. Sometimes spouses agree to things that aren’t in their best interest because they want to get the divorce out of the way. Unfortunately, by the time you realize your mistake, it might be too late to change it. Things that can be changed may require a lengthy court battle. It’s better to hire an attorney, at least to review the agreement you’ve made with your spouse prior to submitting it to a judge.


Lawyers are Professional Negotiators

Married couples have complex interpersonal relationships. Divorce is often emotional for both spouses so you may not be thinking clearly when you agree to give up something valuable for something you think you really want. An experienced lawyer from Goldstein Law Offices could help you weigh the pros and cons of keeping the family home versus selling it to have money to downsize comfortably.


Get Divorced Faster

Experienced divorce lawyers spend a lot of time at the courthouse. They know the process for getting hearings and may be able to do so much more efficiently than the average person. Instead of waiting until the next available court date for someone without an attorney, you could get divorced faster by hiring one to file your documents with the court.

Getting divorced may leave you with less money but this means you have to be smarter with the money you have. By hiring a lawyer instead of going through the process alone, you may avoid wasting money you could use to start your new life.