Were you subjected to a field sobriety test at the arrest scene? Was the equipment used defective or prone to malfunction?

You can face Harsh punishments if convicted, such as jail, fines and driver’s license suspension, or revocation of your commercial driver’s license. DUI case outcomes can vary according to the jurisdiction.

Tennessee’s field sobriety testing can require more agility than the typical person, sober or not, can demonstrate. Drivers can be fatigued, ill, stiff and sore from long hours on the road — all of which could spell disaster in the presence of law enforcement.

Ironically, your participation in field sobriety testing is not mandatory. If police insist that you subject yourself to these difficult physical maneuvers, or if you feel your rights were violated at any other point in your DUI arrest, you should speak with an attorney immediately.

The Murfreesboro DUI attorneys combine comprehensive knowledge with hard work, thorough investigation, negotiation skills and personal service to try to put you back on the road, so you can continue to get to your job and provide for your family.

For expert analysis of your DUI arrest, your field sobriety test and your chances of beating a DUI, you should contact our law offices immediately. We get results.

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